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Couples Therapy

Drifting apart and feeling disconnected from the person we love can be painful and distressing. Life transitions such as parenting, moving abroad, unemployment, retirement, loss, just to mention a few can be challenging to cope with and can distance you form the person you love. I will help you identify patterns that maintain you stuck and help you find  new ways to relate so that you and your loved ones can be in a connected and safe environment.


Common areas addressed:

  • Improve Connection

  • Identify stuck Patterns

  • Intimacy

  • Improve Communication skills

  • Gain insight

  • Manage conflict

  • Overcome infidelity

In some cases, you might need clarity in what you actually want from your relationship before you begin with couples therapy.

If you and your partner are thinking of separating or divorcing but are still not quite so sure, then you can give each other the chance to slow down and explore your options with more clarity in these confusing moments with discernment counseling.

In therapy I will help you evaluate if your problems are solvable. An if they are not solvable help you understand what happened. Usually there is no good or bad guy, you will be able to explore  and evaluate your options in a safe non-judgmental environment.

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